Silver Fire's rules

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Silver Fire's rules

Post  Carlissi on Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:04 am

I know, I know, everybody hates rules, but we need them. These rules are subject to change, but if they do, I'll let you guys know. ...Probably in the News and Updates section ^^;

General Roleplaying Rules

1) No godmoding or powerplaying. You have your own character, don't try to play that of another person. Also, your characters are not gods; they are not super powerful or anything like that, because it just gets obnoxious.

2) Try to have balanced characters if you can; nobody's perfect, and flaws make a character more interesting.

3) Please try not to cause personal problems. Your character can be a jerk if they must be, but you as the person behind them have to be considderate and nice to the other players. This place should remain fun for everyone.

Specific Roleplaying Rules

1) This is a literate rp, so when you're in character, don't use things like lol and such. Write things out as if you were writing a story.

2) Also, there are some formating rules on this topic, to make things easier. Those being things like, when you refer to between or betweening and other such varriations, be sure to use italics. Also, there's dragon and rider speach. When a person speaks mentally to thier dragon, color the text to match the dragon, and when the dragon answers, keep the text colored, but put it in italics.

3) If you have an idea you want to rp that's not something you can obviously do, just bring it up to me. Chances are I'll say yes, I like ideas, but don't forget to ask.

4) It would be most helpful if you could please make your profile post first. After that's done, you can head to the sands; it gives the person running the hatching something to work with.

5) That also brings me to another point. Please don't go into the sands having your character hoping for a specific color. What you get is what you get. The person running the hatching is to, and I'm sure will, do thier best to pair the character with a fitting hatchling.


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