Dragon and flitt colors

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Dragon and flitt colors

Post  Carlissi on Fri Sep 26, 2008 4:44 am

Dragons and flitts come in the same colors. For the sake of an rp, some things about the descriptions of the colors, may be a little different than the books, but not too much.

Gold- Golds are the biggest, they are always female, only impress to girls, and they are the only ones who can produce another gold dragon. As they are the Queens, the main leaders, they tend to impress to girls who have a deep strength and natural ability to lead. Golds are also high maintanence, so they need humans that are up to the task of raising them. They will clutch from 10 to 25 eggs if they don't make themselves perminantly sterile by chewing firestone. Nine times out of ten, they will refuse firestone anyway. Since flitts don't need firestone to breathe fire, that isn't an issue for them, and while the gold flitt has similar personality traits, they're less picky and just a touch more common. Gold flitts will impress to girls or boys, are still the largest and only female, but there are two more differences. They are not the only flitts that can produce other golds, but it's still rare that another color will produce a gold, and the gold flitt clutches 15 to 30 eggs.

Bronze- The bronze dragons and flitts are the second largests, and by the same concept of golds, they are always male, and the dragons only impress to boys, while the flitts impress to both genders. Again, the flitts are not too picky, but dragons will tend to impress to boys who are the types that have true hero personalities. Brave, strong, leaders, usually with a strong sense of justice.

Brown- Browns are big, not quite as big as the bronze, but still big. They can be male or female, though they're usually male. Both dragon and flitt of this color are pretty calm and down to earth. They're generaly warm and friendly, and impress to girls or boys, though usually boys, that are like them. They usually impress to humans of the same gender as themselves. Females can clutch 7 to 15 eggs if they don't chew firestone. Flitts do not just impress to humans of the same gender, and they can clutch 10 to 20 eggs.

Green- Greens are the next size down, and are usually female, but can be both. These are the flirty ones, and they do not always match thier gender to that of thier human, but it's more common than not. Both the flitts and dragons are friendly and energetic, and the dragons will impress to those who can keep up, and are usually atractive. Dragons can clutch 10 to 20 eggs if they don't chew firestone, and flitts can clutch 15 to 25 eggs.

Blue: Blue dragons are smaller than greens still, and are gentle and kind, but can get giddy. A blue has about a fifty fifty chance of being male or female. The dragons'll usually impress to those of the same gender who are a little bolder than they are. Female dragons can clutch around 12 to 20 eggs if they don't chew firestone, and flitts can clutch around 17 to 25 eggs.

White- Whites are the absolute smallest, and since there has only ever been one, because it was a defect of sorts, little is known about them. It is unclear if female whites are possible, but if the were the would likely still be made sterile from firestone. If they could clutch at all, dragons would probably only clutch 5 to 7 eggs. If a flitt occured, perhaps they'd clutch 10 to 15 eggs. Whites would most likely impress to either gender, matching or not. Logicly they would go for someone strong, kind, nurtureing, and patient. Since whites are pretty weak by dragon and flitt standards, despite the fact that even gold flitts get no bigger than a large house cat, they would need a good deal of help getting out of thier shells.


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