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Post  Carlissi on Fri Sep 26, 2008 2:54 am

Name: Carlissi
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Rank: Weyrwoman
Brief Physical Description: Carlissi is short with a brown braid that falls between her shouder blades. Shaggy bangs often get in her grey eyes, and she is frequently seen shaking them out of her face.
Breif Personality description: Carlissi would never have considdered herself Weyrwoman material. She is scatterbrained and disorganized, often relying greatly on the help of others. Sometimes considdered a pesimist, she sees herself, however, as more of a realist. Normally, she's pretty level headed, but she is prone to panic under too much pressure, occationally causing her normally cool temper to flare in short bursts. Despite this, she's relatively friendly and easy to get along with.
Breif History: Carlissi was born and raised in Silver Fire Hold, but her facination with dragons started early, and it led her to eventually leave the hold she shared with her mother and brother, to try for impression. She was shocked to impress the gold Dalaneth, and when the news reached her mother and brother, she was further surprised, but elated, to learn that she had thier full support. Time passed with her as jr Weyrwoman, and she grew very close to the Weyrwoman above her. When the Weyrwoman and her dragon died in a brutal accident, Carlissi was forced into the position despite how disraught she was. It took quite a long time for Carlissi to pull herself together, and untill she did, Silver Fire Weyr and hold did rather poorly under her. For now, however, she has things running pretty smoothly.
Dragon: Gold female Dalaneth
Flitt(s): Green male Drifter, Blue female Gem


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