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Raelinon's Profile

Post  Raelinon on Sat Sep 27, 2008 6:39 am

Name: R'elinon
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Rank: Weyrling
Brief Physical Description: Black hair falls to his shoulders, and since he has no bangs, dark brown eyes are in clear veiw. He's tall, and his build is sturdy and weathered for one not even twenty. His skin is darkly tanned and rough from constant sun exposure and hard work.
Breif Personality description: One of few words, he can seem like the dark and brooding type, and it's true, he can be dark and brooding at times. He is gruff and to the point, which hinders his social success, and at times he wishes he was better with people, but some things are just not likely to change. Raelinon, isn't the smartest young man, but what he lacks in intelegence, he makes up for in his ability to work hard.
Breif History: A blacksmith's son, Raelinon grew up knowing the value of doing one's job, and doing it well. He never had any schooling, he was a needed hand at his father's smithy from an early age, but it was there that his interest in dragons started. He couldn't have been more than five turns old, and he saw his first dragon. A search rider had flown in, and from the moment he saw that dragon working with its rider, his dreams of a chance for the same began. When he would bring it up to his parents, his father would always say "Work hard, and someday, we'll see." After a while, he realized that his father was holding him back, keeping him busy and out of sight whenever a Searchrider would come. So he finally got fed up, and set out to the Weyr above on his own.
Dragon: Brown male, Tivuth
Flitt(s): Bronze male, Gusto


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